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Things To Remember When Buying a Pool

Here’s a strong beginning checklist of reminders to execute with your pool builder before investing in your backyard vacation.

Check the code first: Before heading down the road to owning a swimming pool, be sure to check with your local building code enforcement office to determine what can (and sometimes cannot) be added to your property. Each township, borough or county will likely have restrictions on proximity to property lines, utilities, safety or zoning restrictions, even mandatory green ordinances that could limit the size or style of your swimming pool. Knowing what your locality allows will help you define limits for your new swimming pool.

Research is key and information is free: Whether it’s on a website, in a showroom, or via literature and videos provided by a swimming pool contractor or manufacturer, there’s never been more information available about swimming pools and swimming pool installation. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the styles of pools available to you, the maintenance associated with those pools, and the general process of pool installation as well as the bottom line initial price of the swimming pool and installation.

Installations are customized: Above ground and inground swimming pools are constructed on (or in) your property. As such, the degree of expertise and experience of your swimming pool supplier and contractor is absolutely essential. Be sure to check references by calling or visiting previous customers, and ask questions about your particular project. It’s your investment—reputable pool contractors and pool suppliers understand that, and should take the time necessary to answer your questions.

Don’t sacrifice quality for price: There are a limited number of reputable pool manufacturers, yet a far greater number of contractors or suppliers who claim to specialize in pool installation. There’s no substitute for a quality product installed by an experienced professional—choosing the pool that’s priced right for you is only half the battle. Oftentimes, manufacturers (like Kayak Pools Midwest) utilize contractors who specialize in the installation of their pool products, and make reference-checking and quality considerations easier on the homeowner.

Ask questions. Then ask more questions: Any number of questions may apply to your unique situation. What comes standard with my pool purchase? What safety considerations should I make? How much does yearly maintenance cost for the pools the supplier recommends? What’s the difference between an above ground and inground pool? How long will the project take the builder? Do you offer financing? What guarantees or warrantees does the contractor offer? Remember, the only truly bad question is the one that goes unspoken.

While this might seem like a lot of work, remember: the relatively short amount of time you invest now—in preparing to purchase a pool—is returned to you over and over again each time you dive into the perfect pool installed by a quality swimming pool dealer.