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Want to Take Charge of Your Health? Go for a Swim

Swimming may produce more benefits than you think. It’s not just a pastime for kids – even adults can reap the cardiovascular, physical, and emotional benefits of being in the water. You don’t need to be swimming laps (or know how to swim) to reap the benefits – even casual water recreation can have positive psychological effects. Read on to learn some of the benefits of swimming, including stress reduction and increased cardiovascular endurance.

Good for Your Bodywoman swimming in pool

If you abhor sweating but love the many benefits of exercising, swimming may be your perfect exercise.  It reduces the risk of injury and enables your whole body to work out. Those that find load-bearing exercises like running difficult will experience the same benefits in water, allowing for better weight management and a reduction in health risks.

Water weights help strengthen and tone, while swimming, jumping jacks, and a variety of running or bicycling drills improve endurance and cardio-vascular health. Distributing the pressure around the entire body eliminates the added stress on knees, hips, and more. Practicing different strokes helps improve flexibility and posture, especially important if you hunch over a desk all day.

Good for Your Mind

Like yoga, swimming provides focus and a chance to meditate and disconnect from the busyness of life. Getting lost in your body clears the mind. An early morning swim leaves the body feeling energized for the day ahead. A hard day at work vanishes the instant the body hits the water for a late afternoon dip. The water immerses your body in a sensory deprived environment, allowing your mind to rest and gain perspective. The water helps muscles that cause stress headaches to loosen. The constant focus on keeping afloat and balanced hones the ability to concentrate. Swimming improves your sleep, allowing you to be rested for the new day.

Good for Your Soul

Swimming disconnects you from the world, leading to relaxation. Exercise produces endorphins, leaving you feeling happy and accomplished. These feelings combine to boost your sense of well-being and confidence to face the day’s problems.

Playing in the water delights everyone and allows a person to enjoy the company of others. The pool provides an excellent place to meet people of all ages and backgrounds, a rare occasion in today’s busy world. Swimmers exchange tips and exercises, while grandparents can play with their kids.

Swimming helps make over your muscles, transforms your mind, and leaves you feeling calm, focused, and energized. What are you waiting for? Get that suit on and dive in.