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Where to Put the Pool

When it comes to deciding where to place your new swimming pool on your property, your options can seem a little overwhelming. But like with any major home improvement, common sense is a good starting point when making the pool placement decision. Here’s some food for thought when deciding on the location of the pool.

If you have a smaller property, you may be limited to the amount of space you can allocate for a pool; however, it’s important to remember that today’s swimming pools come with options and features that allow the pool to integrate into virtually any reasonable space. A pool placement that is adjacent to your house structure can create an inviting and intimate addition, and become the focal point of your property.

For larger properties, you likely have more flexibility with the location your swimming pool. A pool set away from your house can become its own getaway, with virtually unlimited decking and landscaping options. Remember that some type of safety fence should be a part of this placement plan, and that the pool should be within easy view from the rear of the home.

Things to remember:

  • A swimming pool location that’s closer to the house offers easier access and is ideal for parental supervision. Remember that it will tend to be a little noisier in the house if the pool is closer to your main structure.
  • All pool construction requires adherence to local building codes, and there are usually requirements for access (for both pool construction equipment and people who will use the pool) that must be followed before ever beginning the project.
  • Pools cannot be located beneath power lines, and a survey of your property may be needed to determine the locations of septic tanks or other underground hazards that may limit your swimming pool placement options.
  • For placement of both above ground and inground pools, access must be controlled. That means safety or privacy fences with sturdy gates that limit pool access.

Remember that you need not go through this process alone. Your pool dealer is an excellent source of information and ideas, and will more than likely walk you through every step of the swimming pool placement process so that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to placing your pool in the perfect location.