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Why Choose an Above Ground Pool?

Why choose an above ground pool? Let us count the ways!

Lower costs, low maintenance, attractive options, high-end construction, versatility, safety, and much more the list of reasons above ground swimming pools are fast becoming a more popular choice grows with each passing year.

An above ground pool provides your family with a summer vacation oasis – right in your own backyard. Kayak Pools Midwest, the leading above ground swimming pool dealer in America’s heartland, is so confident in an above ground pool investment, they’re willing to back your considered purchase with a limited 30-year warranty. That means you can dive into pool ownership with confidence and peace of mind.

Swimming pools are meant for FUN in the summer sun! With a Kayak above ground swimming pool, you’ll spend more time in the pool and less time maintaining it, because Kayak Pools have proven to be virtually maintenance free! The people at Kayak have done their homework and made these pools built to last – you’ll never need to buy another swimming pool! With advanced 3-way filtration technology and quality construction, you can rest assured your family and friends will enjoy your backyard vacation for years to come. If at some point you decide to move, you can even take your Kayak pool with you!

What’s more, installing an above ground pool instantly beautifies your backyard. Today’s selections are nothing like those of years past. You can add a wooden or aluminum deck to customize your pool to get the look you want. Finish it off with complimentary landscaping and WOW! Neighbors and friends will be anxiously awaiting an invitation to a pool party or quick dip in the pool.

And since access to your above ground pool is greater, it’s generally easier to keep debris out of an above ground pool. That means less chemical use, and less work on your part to keep the water sparkling throughout the season. Swimming pools are for recreation, not work – that’s why we’ve spent years developing a virtually maintenance-free above ground pool for you and your family.

If children or pets will be around your swimming pool, safety is a huge consideration. With a Kayak above ground swimming pool, all you have to do to prevent pool access is raise the ladder; an option that comes standard with every pool.

The point is, there are many great reasons to consider owning an above ground pool. And if you pause for a moment to imagine the relaxation, the fun, and the summer-long enjoyment that awaits you, you’ll see perhaps the best reason of all-a backyard vacation for you and the ones you love.