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Why Hire A Professional?

If you’re considering purchasing an above ground pool, make sure your smart investment pays off with a quality installation job. Before you’re tempted to tackle it yourself, take a look at these reasons why hiring a professional is the right choice.

Site Preparation

Above ground pools require site preparation specific to the size and style of the pool. The ground needs to be cleaned of debris such as rocks, sticks, roots, or anything else that might compromise the integrity of the pool bottom now or over the years. Surprisingly, the roots of trees and certain bushes such as rhododendrons are strong enough to push into underground cast iron plumbing pipe joints where they continue to grow and potentially cause expensive septic system damage. These roots would most certainly destroy your beautiful above ground pool if given the opportunity. Your professional pool contractor will know exactly what to look out for and how to address any issues.

Making sure the ground is level under the entire perimeter of the pool is a primary concern. It wouldn’t be wise to try this by just “eyeballing” the area. Professionals have specific leveling tools that measure ground elevation. High areas will be to be dug out and low areas filled in. You wouldn’t set a wine glass down on a lopsided coaster. That’s akin to what you’d be doing if you don’t hire a professional to make sure your pool site is level. Think of a full water balloon partially dangling off the edge of a tabletop. Eventually that water weight is going to shift and the whole thing is going to “splat.” Not a pretty site in your own backyard.

Next, the ground needs to be compacted. A lot of settling occurs in the earth, especially when the ground has been disturbed during the leveling process. Just like when home construction sites are compacted before pouring foundation concrete, your pool site needs to be compacted by a professional.


When a professional constructs your pool, you can rest assured that your family’s swimming environment is safe. Walls will not rack, buckle or bulge and rectangular pools will be square. If you’ve ever tried to square up four small pieces of wood to make a box, you’ll appreciate how difficult it is to do that on a large-scale swimming pool.

In one afternoon, a professional pool contractor can prepare your site and install your above ground pool, plus give you a quality warranty to boot. If you tried to do this same job yourself you’d spend at least one aggravating three-day weekend and end up regretting your decision.

Don’t wind up spending your time making excuses to your wife and kids about what went wrong with the pool you tried to put together. Utilize a Kayak Pools Midwest professional, so that you can all enjoy the pool together as a family, with the peace of mind that you have a professional quality guarantee.