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Pool Care and Accessories

Gazebos and Patios and Cabanas, Oh My!

Home swimming pools, including every Kayak Pools Midwest above ground swimming pool, come complete with some form of pool decking that provides additional space for guests and pool accessories like chairs or tables.

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Swimming Pool Accessories for Added Water Fun

You’ve already bought inflatables and innertubes, water basketball and squirt-guns. But when it comes to your swimming pool accessories, you’ve been wondering “what more can I do to spice up our swimming pool fun?” You might be surprised at all the pool accessories and accents you haven’t thought of – available at most qualified above ground swimming pool or inground swimming pool dealers.

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A Word About Water Chemistry

Balancing the pH levels and chemical levels in your in ground or above ground swimming pool is not a time consuming process – but an important part of routine maintenance for your pool’s most vital component – its water.

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Understanding the pH of Your Pool

As the owner of a swimming pool, you will be responsible for keeping your pool water clean and healthy for swimmers. Maintaining the proper chemistry in your swimming pool is essential to a safe, fun swimming pool experience.

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Chlorine. Like Magic!

Imagine never having to buy, store, or even handle chemical chlorine again – and saying goodbye to occasional red eyes, faded swimwear, and the itchy, flaky skin often associated with an over-chlorinated pool.

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